3 Random Xbox Thoughts

08 August 2008 | 5 things I think

1. Based on all of the fantastic Gears of War 2 Coverage I have been reading, Gears 2 looks to solve a lot of the issues I had with the first title. The Most important one being the irritating shotgun war that multiplayer became. Gears of War 2 also looks to provide a much more engrossing and intelligent single/co-op experience as well, so that’s good.

2. Whatever happened to Cheat Codes & Game Genies? Video Games used to be chock full of secret button inputs, codes, or simply hacked with devices such as the Game Genie. These days it’s hard finding any sort of Xbox Cheat Codes at all. I guess with all the new games, their save features, etc….cheat codes have just gone the way of the dinosaur.

3. Where’s GTA IV’s Downloadable Content? I specifically bought GTA IV for Xbox because of the DLC promised to come out, but it’s still not here…what’s the deal? By the time the DLC comes out will anyone even care about GTA IV anymore? I definitely got some more fun times out of the game with some of the Grand Theft Auto IV cheats (ok maybe cheat codes aren’t dead) using the Cell phone, but I need more. C’mon Rockstar & Microsoft, where’s my exclusive Downloadable Content?

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