5 Things I Think about inFamous for Playstation 3

17 June 2009 | 5 things I think
inFamous has spectacular graphics and amazing lightning effects

inFamous has spectacular graphics and amazing lightning effects

I picked up inFamous yesterday (and as an added bonus got a promo code for Uncharted 2’s Multiplayer Beta).  Here’s 5 quick thoughts on the game after playing it for only a few hours.

  1. The graphics are gorgeous…I have been especially impressed with the subtle electric effects such as a puddle surging with arcing electricity as you run over it
  2. The powers and abilities are very cool and there is a very similar “collection” addiction similar to Crackdown… I hope that Cole will be able to jump as high as the characters from Crackdown did because that was just plain fun.
  3. The graphic novel style cutscenes RULE.  Love the style and think it works great with the Hero/Villain theme.
  4. The moral choices add a ton of replayability… I’m playing good right now…but I’ll be playing again as bad.
  5. Cole’s a freaking climber!  I wish Assasins Creed had implementing climbing more like inFamous, but I guess they didn’t have the Sly Cooper background like Sucker Punch does.  It’s definitely helped them with this game.  It controls great.

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