5 Thoughts on the Gears of War 2 "Assault" Gameplay Video

12 May 2008 | 5 things I think,top5

5. Is chainsaw dueling really a feature needed in this game? In Gears 1, I always felt the first chainsawer won the battle and didn’t really have any problems with it. Dueling is going to work well in multiplayer or make it a button mashing toss-up.

4. Control-wise and gameplay wise it doesn’t look like much is changing. Still hold 4 weapons, Y still looks at stuff, aiming/firing mechanic looks the same, and stop-n-pop is still there.

3. Epic’s playing it safe, but there’s some new stuff in there: Holding a Locust hostage is very Metal Gear-esque and could be REALLY cool in multiplayer. There’s also some new weapons in the trailer and the aforementioned chainsaw dueling.

2. Graphics are still very impressive- Yes, everyone in Gears is on Roids or HGH, but this trailer shows a lot going on and really looks to capture the feel of a human-locust war much better than the first Gears of War. Is it just me or is this type of gameplay with all the vehicles very reminiscent of Halo?

1. Campaign looks to be a lot more fleshed out and way better. Even in Cliffy B’s intro, there seems to be more depth with the tactics and story surrounding GOW2. Hopefuly the dialogue and story will live up the action in these new scenarios.

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