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Moved to a new host and lost a lot of blog posts

This really sucked, but it’s all good.  We’ll just update the site with NEW news as it comes in…

We’re Moving Hosts


We’re moving hosts due to some horror stories we’ve heard and in order to save some dough.  Domain etc. will all stay the same, but there may be some hiccups over the next week.

Minima Bomber PostMortem


Introduction: Minima Bomber is a 7-day game created for August’s Experimental Gameplay project.  It’s a platformer like any Mario game but has destructible terrain like Worms. — What Went Right? Pixel Art – With the time constraint and EGP’s theme of ‘Bare Minimum’ I decided early on to keep the game resolution/world small.  Since I […]

Minima Bomber Comments and Statistics

It’s been a week and there’s some interesting Statistics to share about Minima Bomber: The game has been downloaded and played by over 1,000 people Average Time to Beat the game for the Top 10 players is: 1 Minute and 25 seconds Top Player: Vanguard (1 Minute and 23 seconds) JayisGames referred over 60% of […]

pre-Game Launcher and Updater

A quick 2 day prototype

I was working on our next game project this weekend, when I realized that it would be really nice if all our future games had an automated updater.  This would allow us to release public betas, do cool preorder bonuses, allow players to always have the latest and greatest version, and give us a platform […]

Minima Bomber Featured on EGP’s Best of the Net


Minima Bomber has made the ‘Best of the Net’ for Experimental Gameplay’s Bare Minimum theme.  Here’s what EGP said about our little 7-day game: — “Keep your clothes on in this very fun pixel platformer. Deform the terrain with explosives, but be warned – too much damage will strip your character down to practically nothing. […]

Free Game: Minima Bomber


Minima Bomber is a Platformer. Keep your clothes on and keep moving to the right. Minima Bomber was inspired by the Experimental Gameplay Project’s Bare Minimum Theme.

Minima Bomber: Day 7 Progress

The final ability in the game: The Air Run

Well there’s only a few hours left in the final day of coding for the Experimental Gameplay project game.  Minima Bomber is finished.  There’s 16 levels, 6 abilities, 4 enemies/hazards, and 2 backgrounds/worlds (if you will – they are both grass themed and lame though).  The online highscore system is working and will hold and […]

Minima Bomber: Day 6 Progress

Missiles were added yesterday; there

Another very productive day brings Minima Bomber nearly to completion.  The good news is that the final 2 upgrades were added into the game along with an originally unplanned online highscore database (not 100% done).  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to really add or code any decent enemy AI, though I was able to add […]

Minima Bomber: Day 5 Progress

devlog 8.24.2009

I worked on Minima Bomber on Friday and got a lot done. The best new feature is that your character’s damage is displayed by how much clothing he’s wearing (sort of a la Ghouls and Goblins). If you’re in your undies, it means that you’re one hit away from meeting your bloody death. I have […]