Band of Bugs: Red Kingdom Mini Review

09 August 2007 | mini review

Please see our main review for Band of Bugs HERE since this will only address the new content available in Red Kingdom.
So Band of Bugs had a great single player experience, but after I tore through the campaign, I found that online matches were few and far between. Lucky for me, NinjaBee just released Red Kingdom- a new 10 mission campaign along with some other tidbits for only 250 MS points (there’s also 2 new map packs…1 is free and the other is 150 pts). I’ll just quickly breakdown each feature of the expansion pack:
10 new single player missions-Red Kingdom. THANK YOU, this is by far the biggest selling point (for me at least) since the single player campaign ended up being the strongest aspect of Band of Bugs. I absolutely love the humor and missions of this game.
New Red Kingdom Tileset- while the new tiles don’t match well with the old, It should be noted that the newer levels have much more graphical prowess. There’s a sandstorm level, that totally stunned me when i first saw it. Definitely has a unique and different look and expands the editor nicely.
2 new units: Cavalry & Catapult. The Cavalry unit is great and the Catapult is a limited fire mage.
2 new achievements: Beat Red Kingdom, get 10 golds in Red Kingdom
All of this for 250 MS points…End Result:
If you like Band of Bugs, Red Kingdom is certainly a steal. It has helped reinvigorate the game for me.

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