Minima Bomber Featured on EGP’s Best of the Net

There's Minima

There's Minima front and center

Minima Bomber has made the ‘Best of the Net’ for Experimental Gameplay’s Bare Minimum theme.  Here’s what EGP said about our little 7-day game:

“Keep your clothes on in this very fun pixel platformer. Deform the terrain with explosives, but be warned – too much damage will strip your character down to practically nothing. Someone was bound to go there eventually.”

Play the Free Game now! I’ve already been completely blasted off the high score table.  Mad props to Vanguard and MobiusPoint who have been battling it out for first.  Vanguard has an impressive score at: 9161… that means he/she beat the 16 levels in 83.9 seconds….Wow!

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