Day 2 of 7-Day Game: Bare Minimum

10 August 2009 | devlog | Tags: ,

devlog 8.8.2009

I did not make nearly as much progress as I was hoping for on Saturday, but I did stamp out a few bugs and got everything looking a little better.  The prototype can now load in .bmp and .png images for all the gaming layers (collision mask, background graphics, and foreground) so creating the levels can go quickly now.  The first level is a Title Screen and Tutorial which shows you the controls above.

The last picture was resized and didn’t show you the pixel graphics that I’m going for with this prototype.  Since Experimental Gameplay’s theme is ‘Bare Minimum’ I thought small pixel graphics would work well within that theme.  I really need to limit the features and graphics since there’s only 5 days left, but I’ve got tons of ideas for weapons that would be great for Terrain Destruction.

The free pc game download will definitely be available in the next 2 weeks on this website and should ultimately make it on Experimental Gameplay.

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