EXIT Xbox Live Arcade Mini Reveiw

Exit follows Mr. Esc as he attempts to help adults, children, and injured people find an escape to natural disaster situations. There are over 220 levels and of course the standard 200 achievement points.

The game is a worthy and interesting platformer / puzzler. It’s graphics and artistic style are great and the sound/music offering is above average from an xbox live title. There are plenty of levels and lasting appeal, but Exit does suffer from its flaws. The biggest flaw is in its gameplay. Mr. Esc moves very slowly and methodically…this is all well and good, except it is extremely frustrating when you have to restart a level (and then methodically and slowly move to exactly where you were prior to your mistake) while this makes the game more challenging it also makes it frustrating and exceedingly tedious. There is a major need for an undo/rewind button in this game! On the other hand, each different scenario does a really good job offering something new: new items, new people to rescue, electricity hazards, etc. which keeps the gameplay fresh.

Category Breakdown:

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 10
Sound: 8
Lasting Appeal: 7

Average: 82.50 %

Ultimately, Exit definitely gives you your money’s worth for a unique live arcade puzzling game. Furthermore, since it originated on PSP it has great pick up and play gameplay where you can sort of pick away at the 220 levels. In long play sessions, the frustration of restarting levels and the slow moving Mr. Esc may weigh on you, but ultimately the game is worth a try and if you like the demo, it’s worthy of a purchase.

Verdict: 82%

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