Day 3 Progress on Bare Minimum Game

devlog 8.12.2009

Day 3 was mostly spent pretty-ing up the game and working on the tutorial/beginning levels.  I have a whopping 3 levels drawn/done.  No major game coding was done, though I spent a lot of time animating the main character.  He’s almost done now.

The game is still too bare bones and I definitely need to work on adding some obstacles and enemies.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to throw in some blood and hopefully get around to some more weapons.  There will certainly be a double jump upgrade.  Basically, I’ll keep cramming stuff in until I get to Day 6.  Day 6/7 will be finalizing the levels and adding sound/music which will definitely be minimal.  Maybe I should go for using only 5 sound fx or something to stay in line with the theme.

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