Halo Wars Impressions / Demo Review

06 February 2009 | preview | Tags:

I downloaded the massive 1.7GB Halo Wars Demo Last night. Despite the Tutorial being very annoying (your control is frozen as the computer talks to you…argh! let me do what you’re telling me as you talk!), I found the demo pretty enjoyable. The gameplay works pretty good for being on a console and the graphics are pretty cool. I wish the camera could be manipulated a little more to show off some of the intense infantry battles. The most compelling thing about the game is certainly the story…this game looks to have the best story backdrop of any Halo title since the original…plus the CGI rendered movies look fantastic. I’m very disappointed about having only a Human Campaign, but perhaps we’ll get a Flood and Covenant Campaign as downloadable content. I’m a huge Halo fan, so I’ll probably get this if only to play thru the story and get the Mythic Maps early. I don’t think the gameplay is compelling enough for me to play this multiplayer very much. I wish I was more of an RTS buff, but I’m not a huge fan of the genre. I’m very interested to hear if Halo Wars legitimizes RTS on consoles.

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