Iron Man Movie Good…Iron Man Game Bad

05 May 2008 | Uncategorized

IronMan: the movie is pretty much already a resounding success. It opened this weekend to an estimated $100.8 Million bucks making it the second highest grossing non-sequel ever (right behind the original spider-man). I saw it and was thoroughly entertained, but don’t make the mistake of buying into all the Iron Man merchandise.

After enjoying the movie, I downloaded and played Sega’s Iron Man Video Game. While this was not the final product and only a demo, I can pretty confidently say avoid this game at all costs. The controls are extremely difficult (you’ll be about as adept at flying as Robert Downey Jr. was at first in the movie) and the overall mission structure and level design is sparse and boring. Movie tie-in games have the misfortune of having to release on or around the movie’s release date which always results in a rushed game. Don’t expect Iron Man: the game to be any different. The demo is god awful and I wouldn’t even recommend bothering to download it.

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