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16 March 2009 | killzone 2,playstation 3,preview
The real meat of Killzone 2 is in the Multiplayer. The multiplayer is absolutely fantastic and expertly creates the feeling of a true warzone. Since I’ve been playing the game for a few weeks, I’ve managed to unlock a few classes and earn some ribbons and other upgrades. The multiplayer experience starts you off as a peon of a soldier: you can pick either assault rifle, get 1 grenade and a measley 64 rounds of ammo. The good news is that the experience system helps you play against equally new players. I have encountered minimal lag (basically a few pauses in maybe 2 games) if at all. This is even more impressive since the game is f*&#ing hectic with 32 players and amazing graphics and explosions.

One of the best features of KZ2 Multiplayer is the dynamic Objectives that change throughout the match. Every match includes Assassination, Attack & Defend, Deathmatch, Search & Retrieve, and Capture & Hold missions. After a ‘Round’ is completed, the game picks the next objective and announces it to each team without any loading at all. It keeps the game interesting and it’s something new for FPS mutliplayer games. You can easily lose hours playing KZ2 without realizing it.

As you play and gain more experience in Killzone 2, things will become even more insane. Last weekend, I began to see Medics emerge and then Engineers who can build sentry turrets…soon flying sentry drones started flying around the maps and gunning me down. More recently, I’ve encountered cloaking snipers, enemies that look like friendlies, C4 traps, and rocket launchers. All of these additional wrinkles have made multiplayer more frantic and warlike (without any lag). They’ve also given me something to work towards and I can’t wait to use (and abuse) some of the later abilities and classes.

Killzone 2 Multiplayer is a mix of CoD4, Gears of War, and Team Fortress with a sprinkle of SciFi. The class/badge system is fantastic and gives you something to work towards for whichever type of soldier you yearn to be. Killzone’s single player experience is graphically impressive, but ho-hum when it comes to story and new experiences. Killzone nails what it needed to nail to have staying power though…and that’s multiplayer.

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  • 1 TheNooge Says:

    Kill Zone is an amazing game, it’s like it takes the best parts of COD4 and GOW and builds something beautiful.

    And I totally agree about the single player being ho-hum, although let’s be honest, they didn’t make this game for single player.

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