Magic Toy Chest Scores a Positive Review

13 August 2008 | Uncategorized | Tags:

1 day after release and the Magic Toy Chest already has a very good review under its belt.

Check out what Jesse Henning of GameCyte had to say about the game.

Highlights include:

“…. the game is accessible, intuitive, and unimposing, presenting a colorful world full of amusing toys and an extremely basic premise and goal.”

“Parents needn’t worry about their kids running this game, nor playing it — nothing even remotely objectionable can be found in The Magic Toy Chest, whose sole plot point is “The house is a mess. Clean it up.””

“The new ingredients it does add to the formula, though, are all clever enough to interest experienced puzzle gamers.”

“The Magic Toy Chest is a fun game, it’s true. It’s quick to learn and has a good amount of variety to its puzzles, and its cheerful motif will put a little smile on your face. Parents looking to amuse their young gamer progeny would do well to consider this title.”

and don’t worry we’re already working on the few bugs/glitches mentioned.

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