Metal Gear Solid 4 Impressions – Act 2

15 June 2008 | Uncategorized | Tags:

Well Act I pretty much closed with Liquid driving all the soldiers crazy as seen in another trailer. This led to the next mission briefing which featured a scared Naomi Hunter on a handheld camera.

Act 2 takes us to South America in search of Naomi Hunter. This locale is very reminiscent of MGS3: Snake Eater since it takes place in a jungle setting with facility outposts along the way. The highlight of this act definitely takes place during a rebel army and PMC shootout surrounding a Mansion. Stepping inside the mansion really shows off this games graphics once again. I have still found myself allying myself with the rebels/militia so that I only have to sneak past half of the baddies on screen. There were some great sniping spots coming up the mountain as well. Eventually, I found Naomi (and Drebin along the way) and she has divulged some more information on Snake’s advanced aging and conducted some tests. How many acts does this game have? I hope quite a few. I am really impressed with the diversity of graphics and locales and have only played up to Act 2: Solid Sun. Gameplay just barely feels like Metal Gear, but I’m told that near the end it becomes more “classic” Metal Gear sneaking, which I’m looking forward to.

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