Minima Bomber Comments and Statistics

It’s been a week and there’s some interesting Statistics to share about Minima Bomber:

  • The game has been downloaded and played by over 1,000 people
  • Average Time to Beat the game for the Top 10 players is: 1 Minute and 25 seconds
  • Top Player: Vanguard (1 Minute and 23 seconds)
  • JayisGames referred over 60% of the visits
  • Minima Bomber was the 2nd Most popular page on our website for August (came out Aug 26th)

I’ve done my best to collect comments from around the ‘net.  Ther’e’s not as many out there as I was hoping, but  everything is pretty positive about the game minus the few glitches and the inability to change the jump button to W.

“Minima bomber was fun, I just wish it had laster a little longer. All the upgrades were pretty cool though.”

“promising stuff. will be good with some work”

“Games with destroyable landscapes are always a favorite, and Minima Bomber is one of these games.”

“It’s a shame that it’s so short, because it’s absolutely excellent.”

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