Minima Bomber: Day 5 Progress

devlog 8.24.2009

Now that's "Bare Minimum"

I worked on Minima Bomber on Friday and got a lot done. The best new feature is that your character’s damage is displayed by how much clothing he’s wearing (sort of a la Ghouls and Goblins). If you’re in your undies, it means that you’re one hit away from meeting your bloody death.

I have still not gotten around to any enemies…though there are some turrets and other hazards that have made their way into the game. I have not stuck to 1-2 enemies per level at all when it comes to the turrets and other hazards in the game. My biggest regret for this prototype is probably going to be the level design. I don’t have time (or a level editor) to redo the levels thus far and I think that I focus on upgrading the character way too quickly….oh well. The prototype will end up being about 15 levels and I’ve put in a couple stat counters for # of deaths and I’ll put in a timer. Your time and number of deaths will be displayed at the end of the game to add some replay value/challenge.

Looking ahead to day 6 & 7 I am confident that I’ll be able to finish 4+ levels and add in the game timer and a decent restart/play again function.  There will also be 2 new upgrades added to finish out the game.  1 will 100% be a new weapon…either a bazooka/RPG type thing or the easier: sticky bombs.  I also hope to add 1-3 more hazards/enemies.  I may omit music, but will need to work on SoundFX, installer, etc. on Day 7.

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