Minima Bomber: Day 6 Progress

Missiles were added yesterday; there's some spike hazards too

Missiles were added yesterday; there's some spike hazards too

Another very productive day brings Minima Bomber nearly to completion.  The good news is that the final 2 upgrades were added into the game along with an originally unplanned online highscore database (not 100% done).  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to really add or code any decent enemy AI, though I was able to add a sort of flower that shoots spread shots.  That brings the hazards to a total of 4: Spikes, Turrets, Spread flower, Spike Balls.  The game will have 2 weapons (the bomb and missile/bazzoka) and an additional 4 upgrades for your character (run, double jump, ninja wall slide, and air-dash/run).

The total number of levels is not set but will be 15+.  The basic flow of the game will be: play through once and learn as you go and earn all the abilities.  After your first play through, you’ll go to the online highscore page and get scored and can submit your score if you wish.  You’ll also have the option to play thru the levels again starting with all the abilities.  The best scores & speed runs will be achieved on the 2nd play through since the run and air run upgrades each boost your speed.

What’s Left to Do:

There’s still a few levels to be completed, but nothing major.  The bulk of the remaining work deals with scoring, penalizing for deaths, and enabling the online high score database and making it all look decent.  I still have to add in some SoundFX too….music is looking like a necessary omission.  After those last few things, I’ll package the free game and have it available on the website.  It will hit before the weekend, but no promises.

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