Free Game: Minima Bomber


Minima Bomber is a Platformer.  Keep your clothes on and keep moving to the right.


Minima Bomber was inspired by the Experimental Gameplay Project’s Bare Minimum Theme.  It was made over 7 days (with less than 8 hours a day) with a total time around 30-35 hours.  You can learn more about the game’s development process and any future progress here.

How it Fits the Theme:

Minima Bomber fits the Bare Minimum theme in several intentional ways (and a few unintentional).  The pixel art style character was inspired by the theme and a great way to make a nicely animated player with the time available.  Of course the biggest way the game fits the theme is that the character sheds his clothes and gets down to his undies. If the player is completely ‘Bare’ – you die.  The levels were all created in Adobe Fireworks by drawing boxes and saving the different layers of the picture as backgrounds or collision masks.  This was a simple ‘Bare Minimum’ way to quickly draw & create levels. I ran out of time and left out game music and used only a handful of different soundFX to set the mood.


minimagp1Download Zip (13MB)

Download w/Installer (13MB)


Download either the Zip or Installer and unzip/install the Program into the desired folder.  Double click the .exe to start the game.


The goal of the game is simple: Move through the 16 Levels as fast as you can with as few deaths as possible.  Just keep running right!


The A, S, D keys move the player around.  The mouse is used to aim.  Left click to throw a bomb/fire a missile.  Right click to switch between weapons.  If you have the upgrades: Hit S again in the air to double jump, Hold Right/Left into a wall to slide down it, Hold S in the air while running to air-run, and hold spacebar to walk.


Everything done by: Mike Gnade

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