Day 4 Progress on Bare Minimum Platformer Game

Put in some particle effect yesterday

Put in some particle effect yesterday

There was some decent progress on the experimental game yesterday.  I have named the game: Minima Bomber.  Not much to it.  Minima is for the ‘Bare Minimum’ experimental gameplay theme and Bomber because you throw bombs and blow the terrain up.

Our little hero blows up like a balloon of blood when he falls in a pit or hits the always threatening game spikes, but he’s equipped with new powerups: the double jump and ninja wall slide (pictured above).  The player is very mobile and can cheat some tricky platforming with some well-timed bombs.

In sticking with the ‘Bare Minimum’ theme, I have decided that a stage will have no more than 1-2 enemies on it (once I get around to creating some enemies).  I am also tossing around the idea of our little bomber losing his helmet, shirt, and pants before exploding in blood but that may not be feasible in the next 3 days.

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