MotorStorm PS3 Mini Review

04 February 2008 | mini review,ps3 review

MotorStorm for Playstation 3 remains a gorgeous looking game and really boils down to this: It’s an intense racing title with gorgeous graphics, a great variety of vehicles, and a bunch of levels and tracks that all look very similar. I understand that Motor Storm takes place in an undisclosed desert and is an undersground event…but do all the levels have to be sandy gold, gritty orange, and muddy maroon? Don’t get me wrong…the different textures and tracks and how different vehicles all handle them is very fun. It’s just a shame that all the tracks look so similar. There’s actually not many tracks at all which further hampers what could be a fantastic game. It’s a great start and a great showcase title for the PS3. It could be a franchise to contend with the next time around. Imagine Motorstorm 2 with grassy levels (with varying muddy batches, high grass, etc.), snow covered and icy terrain levels, new vehicles (snow mobiles, hovercrafts, monster trucks), and a wider selection and variety of tracks. That would be a game to contend with! As it stands now. MotorStorm is a damn good game and a wise choice by Sony to package it with the 80GB PS3.

Graphics: 9/10 – Fantastic but lacking level variety
Gameplay: 9/10 – Vehicle diversity, and terrain strategy make this game visceral fun. Enemy AI is a little bit “let you catch up” or “catch up with you”
Sound/Music: 8/10 – Music fits the tone, explosions and other vehicle engines all add to the atmosphere…sometimes it’s all alittle much
Lasting Appeal: 7/10 – The lack of tracks and track variety really hurts the game, but different vehicles and terrain adds to it. After awhile though, everything just is all too sandy and the incentive to unlock the harder mode of the same level you’ve played already just isn’t there.
Average: 82.50%
Tilt: -3.50%

Verdict: 79%

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