Nobody is safe from the Red Ring of Death!

12 December 2008 | Uncategorized

After 2 long years of Xbox 360 Enjoyment, I was stabbed in the back by the system that has brought me so much pleasure. 2 Days ago, I was struck by the red ring of death. I can’t imagine that anything in particular set this unfortunate series of events in motion…I guess I am just another statistic (1/3 or 33% of older Xboxes have this issue). Sadly, my manufacturer’s warranty is way overdue and I cannot bear to spend $99 and be without my xbox as Microsoft toils away at a pathetic and rushed console. Instead, I bought a $199 Xbox Arcade yesterday…taking advantage of the new model’s HDMI hookup, quieter fan, and supposedly one that is without red rings. If you are proficient at fixing this problem (as many have become) you can bid on my Xbox 360 on ebay. I am selling it in hopes of subsidizing the cost of this catastrophe. I can’t help but think it’s all some Microsoft conspiracy to break older xboxes (with the NXE perhaps?) so that avid gamers such as myself are forced to buy new ones…thus boosting their console sales…which they so like to gloat about.

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  • 1 DEITRIX Says:

    That sucks! I had it happen to me once and I was lucky enough to have the BestBuy warranty. My current one is well over a year now and still I wait for the day it dies. I get a little hiccup every once in a while and it freaks me out every time.

    Mine is still the older model too. I wouldn’t mind having the HDMI and quiet fan, but as long as it’s still kicking I wont complain.

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