Day 4 Progress on Bare Minimum Platformer Game

Put in some particle effect yesterday

There was some decent progress on the experimental game yesterday.  I have named the game: Minima Bomber.  Not much to it.  Minima is for the ‘Bare Minimum’ experimental gameplay theme and Bomber because you throw bombs and blow the terrain up. Our little hero blows up like a balloon of blood when he falls in […]

Day 3 Progress on Bare Minimum Game

devlog 8.12.2009

Day 3 was mostly spent pretty-ing up the game and working on the tutorial/beginning levels.  I have a whopping 3 levels drawn/done.  No major game coding was done, though I spent a lot of time animating the main character.  He’s almost done now. The game is still too bare bones and I definitely need to […]

Day 2 of 7-Day Game: Bare Minimum

devlog 8.8.2009

I did not make nearly as much progress as I was hoping for on Saturday, but I did stamp out a few bugs and got everything looking a little better.  The prototype can now load in .bmp and .png images for all the gaming layers (collision mask, background graphics, and foreground) so creating the levels […]

Day 1 of 7-Day Game

Day 1 Progress Gameplay

We’re putting the Isometric Game on hold to participate in Experimental Gameplay’s 7-Day August Competition.  The theme is Bare Minimum and has inspired a very small pixel bomerman type character.  After 1 day, we’ve put together a decent worm-style destructible terrain world.  Your small little character will have several abilities (as many as I can […]

MODDB: The Magic Toy Chest

moddb screencapture

Indies have been raving about ModDB and what a great resource/website it is for marketing your game and website, so I finally took the time to setup an account.  I have to say that I am very pleased with the look of the Magic Toy Chest’s MODdb game page and will probably add some links […]

Freeware: Isometric Game Progress

devlog 7.31.2009

The basic Isometric engine (Save/Load) is all working great, and I’ve added some additional tiles.  I’ve started coding and laying out the gameplay.  Right now, you can click and drag your guys into the construction vehicles which then makes them operational.  Left click a vehicle to select it and then click again to set a […]

Isometric Progress

devlog 7.22.2009

Today, I worked on a tile editor for the isometric prototype.  It’s working well but it only has 2 tile types…special thanks to Lost Garden for their free graphics sets…that’s where I got the nice looking tree.

Isometric Tests

devlog 7.20.2009

Today, I have started coding a nice little isometric grid for a new game.  The new game will probably end up being a fusion of  time-management and resource-management.  Without getting too specific, the idea is to manage little guys to do your bidding and build stuff etc.  I’m hoping to add some nice animations where […]

The Magic Toy Chest is FREE Thru July 5th

You can click the above Screenshot to get the free pc full version

To Celebrate the United State’s Birthday and to help out during this Recession, we’ve decided to give away the Magic Toy Chest absolutely FREE!  That’s right.  Our family themed physics puzzle game is completely free thru July 5th, so tell your friends.   All you have to do is use this coupon code on the […]

Gamer Periodic Table…Nice


I stumbled upon (literally – using the stumbleupon toolbar) this sweet periodic table of tons of video game characters and just had to share it.