5 Things I Think about inFamous for Playstation 3

inFamous has spectacular graphics and amazing lightning effects

I picked up inFamous yesterday (and as an added bonus got a promo code for Uncharted 2’s Multiplayer Beta).  Here’s 5 quick thoughts on the game after playing it for only a few hours. The graphics are gorgeous…I have been especially impressed with the subtle electric effects such as a puddle surging with arcing electricity […]

Portals Thru Dreams on GameJolt


I’ve added Portals thru Dreams over on GameJolt.  You can download it over there for free and rate it and comment on it.  We’re always checking on fan feedback and this will be a good way to have it in one place prior to us launching our forums. Visit the GameJolt Page

Magic Toy Chest has been updated

The Magic Toy Chest has been updated to version 2.1. No major changes, but a ton of minor tweaks should make the game a lot more enjoyable. First off, we’ve used Inno Setup to make both the demo and full game install much less painless. The biggest change is the removal of key collection…it was […]

Welcome to the New Blog

Graduate Games has updated their blog and website.  We hope everyone likes the new look, graphics, and banners.  Bookmark the Blog and keep a look out for our stream of free games.  They’ll range from prototypes to flash games to abandonware, but they will all be free of charge.  Enjoy.

Free Game Prototype: Portals thru Dreams

About a month ago I decided to do a free game. I’ve been thinking about Graduate Games next full game for awhile now, but have been indecisive. I stumbled across some abandonware on my hard drive and decided to explore the gameplay mechanic a little more and release it as a game prototype. I spent […]

Two New Magic Toy Chest Reviews

Our Game has received 2 new reviews. ThumbGods Raves: “Magic Toychest is a good kid-friendly game, without defaulting to the usual match-3 system of many indie all-ages games.” and Unigamesity gave it a 4 out of 5, GREAT! Rating saying: “The Magic Toy Chest a really great title, one you can play 20 minutes per […]

Indie Game Magazine Fan Page

It’s very busy here and there’s a ton of things to work on. I realize, I forgot to post here about the Indie Game Mag facebook fanpage. If you’re a facebooker and like indie games, please join the group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=79279222533 Here’s some of the things going on here at Graduate Games: Advertising and Supporting the […]

The Magic Toy Chest is now Available for PC!

The Magic Toy Chest is finally available for Windows PC! After spending crazy cash money and time to update all the visuals, stamp out the bugs, and implement new features, the wacky physics sandbox puzzle game is here. Check out the Free Demo! The Full Version Features:– Over 100 Puzzles across 8 Distinct Rooms of […]

Killzone 2: Multiplayer

The real meat of Killzone 2 is in the Multiplayer. The multiplayer is absolutely fantastic and expertly creates the feeling of a true warzone. Since I’ve been playing the game for a few weeks, I’ve managed to unlock a few classes and earn some ribbons and other upgrades. The multiplayer experience starts you off as […]

Killzone 2: Single Player Impressions

I played a lot of Killzone 2 this weekend. I’m going to start with my single player impressions and move on to multiplayer later this week. I have completed 7 Missions (out of 10) so I’m pretty far into the single player campaign. Killzone 2 instantly does 2 things incredibly well:1. It is possibly the […]