First Hour Magic Toy Chest Review

Very interesting review of the *new* Magic Toy Chest over on They only review the first hour and we followed World of Goo… but although the scores aren’t that high (5 is seen as average) there was a ton of praise throughout the review, so take a look.

Street Fighter IV impressions

Rented SF IV this weekend and have put in a couple hours. It has been overwhelming praised, but I’m definitely not blown away. It’s a pretty safe SF2 in 3D adaptation. It’s well animated, but I wish they had gone more daring with the paintbrush/watercolor art style. I find the characters a tad cartoony and […]

New Magic Toy Chest Review: 7/10 Olives

The *new* Magic Toy Chest was reviewed over at Tech-Olive here are some highlights from the review: Despite MTC‘’s casual appearance, it actually takes quite a bit of thinking, planning and patience. While MTC may be fairly complicated, the tutorial levels do a fantastic job of explaining to you how things work and what exactly […]

IGM Issue 3 is Available!

Here’s a late valentine’s day present, IGM issue 3 is now available. This issue is our largest yet and features tons of indie game reviews! We review the 2008 IGF grand prize winner: Crayon Physics, Blast robots to bits in Droid Assault, Kick our way to stardom with New Star Soccer 4, Built a Kingdom […]

Learning Flash: Game 1

Now that the Magic Toy Chest is pretty much done, I have decided to start teaching myself Flash before I start on our next major project. I’ve purchased a book and have gotten through chapter 3 so far. Here is the first of my series of flash games that I will chronicle as I learn […]

Halo Wars Impressions / Demo Review


I downloaded the massive 1.7GB Halo Wars Demo Last night. Despite the Tutorial being very annoying (your control is frozen as the computer talks to you…argh! let me do what you’re telling me as you talk!), I found the demo pretty enjoyable. The gameplay works pretty good for being on a console and the graphics […]

Far Cry 2: Preview/Impressions

I rented Far Cry 2 and have been playing it. It is absolutely gorgeous….the graphics have absolutely impressed me. The ability to start brush fires is also very cool, but I have found the single player – sandbox/GTA progression to not work very well. Luckily the multiplayer is pretty good with an interesting EXP and […]

Magic Toy Chest Gameplay Video: Puzzle 20

I spent some time this week recording some new videos of the Magic Toy Chest. Obviously, it’s important to have some trailers/videos of the game as it looks in its current form. Check out the video…it shows a possible solution to Level 20 of the game/demo. I’ve also taken a substantial number of screenshots and […]

I forgot to mention: IGM+Zinio = GET IT!

The Indie Game Magazine Digital Subscription is now available on Zinio for $19.95 (you can also download/buy single copies). Zinio is the #1 Digital Newsstand in the world and IGM is happy to have this enhanced delivery method available to its customers. About Zinio Zinio is the leading global online publishing, distribution services company, with […]