Magic Toy Chest Take 2

Well the good news is that the magic toy chest v2.0 is pretty much completed. It took A LOT longer than anticipated and cost a pretty penny to make. My money driven self really wants to release the game directly on my site and cash in and recoup the cost of updating the title and […]

The Magic Toy Chest Updated Backgrounds

The Magic Toy Chest is vastly approaching its re-release… Hopefully all the time and hardwork put in to improve this game will pay off. To see all the new updated room backgrounds head over to: I left up the older backgrounds so people can compare the 2. Hopefully everyone agrees that the new ones […]

Indie Game Mag Issue 2 Available!!

Issue 2: Winter 2009 is now Available! You can order a Physical Copy from MagCloud You can order a Digital Copy from Graduate Games’ Store or you can save some cash by just subscribing and supporting the only indie game magazine around.

Nobody is safe from the Red Ring of Death!

After 2 long years of Xbox 360 Enjoyment, I was stabbed in the back by the system that has brought me so much pleasure. 2 Days ago, I was struck by the red ring of death. I can’t imagine that anything in particular set this unfortunate series of events in motion…I guess I am just […]

Updating the Magic Toy Chest

Updating the Magic Toy Chest has taken a lot longer than expected, but after reading our reviews and critiques, I felt that I could easily make improvements to vastly improve the game. Sorry for the lengthy time that this update has taken, but as we worked on it, more and more things were included. We […]

Gears of War 2 Review

Gears of War 2 is the follow-up to the enormously successful pop-n-stop shooter Gears of War. Developed by Epic Games and touted as “Bigger, Badder, and more Badass,” Gears of War 2 delivers with the same addictive gameplay and spectacular graphics, but its blemishes are more visible this time around. Gameplay: 9.5/10 The gameplay really […]

Rock Band 2 Review

Rock Band 2 doesn’t mess with their original formula. They’ve made some much needed improvements to band setup and the menus, gotten rid of the broken “play songs in this order” single player modes and added in a multi-tiered challenge mode along with a Battle of the Bands Online component. There’s also the 84 tracks […]

LittleBigPlanet Review

LittleBigPlanet is the much hyped (and soon to be over merchandised) playstation exclusive. It’s a community based platformer for up to 4 players and includes a diverse and unsurpassed amount of creative community tools to create and share your own levels, objects, character costumes etc. The tagline for LBP is “Create, Share, Play” and while […]

Saints Row 2 Review

Saints Row 2 is the sequel to the popular GTA clone, Saints Row by Volition. It picks up right where the first one left off, with your character waking up from a coma after an explosion ended the first game with a literal bang. New gamers shoudn’t worry because SR2’s story is entirely self-contained (all […]