Parents Don’t Make these Mistakes! Top 5 Games to Avoid this Holiday Season

06 December 2007 | top5

5. The Simpsons Game (Xbox360, PS3, PS2, Wii) – While this game is not a total bust, it is a very short lived experience and hardly worth the $60. Unless the person is a super hardcore Simpsons Fan and collector, pass this one up and get then a blockbuster gift card so they can rent it for the weekend.
4. Blacksite: Area 51 (PC, PS3, Xbox360) – Generic First Person Shooter Please!…that’s all you’ll get with Blacksite. The game oozes mediocrity, but what makes this such a bad purchase is the fact that you have options such as: Halo 3, The Orange Box, Resistance Fall of Man, etc. open to you.
3. Bleach: Shattered Blade (Wii) – Yes, all the kiddies love this anime show, but even rabid fans will hate this casual and completely botched fighting game. Fans will actually leave liking the anime less than when they first booted up the game.
2. Lair (PS3) – One of the most hyped Sony Gems is one of the biggest flops of the year. While the game is nice to look at, it is a nightmare to play and control. The lesson: just because a game has big cool dragons doesn’t make it good.
1. Transformers: The Game (Xbox360, PS3, PS2)- Yes, I know the Movie was great, but the game is utterly pathetic. You’ll scrap these tranformers robots faster than you can say “Cybertron.”

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