Play the Magic Toy Chest Now – Public Beta 2 is Now Available!

Graduate Games is happy to announce that you can download our second (and probably final) beta starting today (7/7/08-7/14/08). The game has changed quite a bit since the last beta and hopefully everyone who has played the game before will notice the improvements.

You can download the Beta here.

What has changed since last time? Well there’s now 20 Tutorial Levels that will teach you how to play and how all 16 toys work. There’s also background filters for everyone that found the backgrounds too “loud.” There’s also a number of tweaks that make the easier tonavigate, etc and nicer on the eyes. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback and helped us make these changes. Keep the changes and levels coming and you’ll receive $5 off the final game…just make sure we have your email address.

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Watch the Game in Action

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