pre-Game Launcher and Updater

A quick 2 day prototype

A quick 2 day prototype

I was working on our next game project this weekend, when I realized that it would be really nice if all our future games had an automated updater.  This would allow us to release public betas, do cool preorder bonuses, allow players to always have the latest and greatest version, and give us a platform to make our games more episodic in nature.

The picture above is a working prototype that I completed over the weekend that will give us a platform to update all of our games in the future.  Whether it’s a free game or a full commercial game, we want players to all be playing the newest version.  I’ve built in an ad panel for us to utilize to advertise our newest game or promotion.  Expect to see this platform in our next free game so we can give it a test run.

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