Ratchet & Clank: Future Tools of Destruction

01 April 2008 | ps3 review

Ratchet & Clank: Future Tools of Destruction is the most recent iteration of the very successful franchise which has spawned sequel after sequel. It is a very good game that shows off the advances of moving from the PS2 to PS3. Insomniac Games is definitely one of the best developers Sony has , but R & C: FToD is just too much of the same. I couldn’t help thinking that I had played this game before…3 times before.

Gameplay: 8.5/10
Pros: The game offers solid platforming, some new gadgets, nice uses of the SIXAXIS and the same great gameplay features in previous iterations.
Cons: Not enough innovation or enhancements since the last game. Clank’s new Zoni gameplay is not up to snuff (granted Clank’s missions have always been weaker)

Graphics: 9/10
Pros: Ratchet and Clank certainly look better than they’ve ever looked before and the worlds they visit are much more vibrant and busy. Excellently animated too.

Sound/Music: 10/10
Pros: I have always loved R&C’s music and FToD is no different. Excellent and catchy music with wonderful zany weapon and gadget effects. There is also AAA voicework with genuinely funny dialogue.

Lasting Appeal: 7/10
Pros: The story is as good as ever and the great cutscenes urge you to play more to experience more of the great characters and dialogue. The gameplay is solid and the gadgets and experience system keeps things fresh and never too difficult.
Cons: Gameplay is getting a little stale and R&C could really use a reinvention a la Mario Galaxy or even a Jak II type change. No Multiplayer and a lack of minigames and side missions compared to other Ratchet and Clank’s.

Average: 86.25%
Tilt: -1.25%

You don’t get credit in my book for reiterating the same product over and over again and Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction certainly feels like this series is reaching that point. Please don’t turn the Ratchet series into Tony Hawk. On the one hand, any one who enjoyed the previous Ratchets will certainly be familiar and enjoy this adventure, but on the other hand adding new levels/story to the same old game isn’t enough these days. It’s a great first entry for PS3, but I’m really hoping that the Downloadable Ratchet 2 takes more risks.

Verdict: 85%

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  • 1 DEITRIX Says:

    Never played any of the series.. This looks pretty fun. Might pick it up when I get my PS3 this summer…
    ( Holding out till MGS4 )

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