Remember the Noid? What about Yo! Noid for NES?

16 May 2008 | retro gaming

Remember the Noid? He was that weird looking claymation mascot of Dominos Pizza. If you don’t remember the company’s mascot than you surely don’t remember his NES game: Yo! Noid! The game was marketed towards kids (obviously…who else would be a fan of the Noid) but was a game so hard that it was unsuited for any kid without a Game Genie. Why was it so hard? Well, the Noid had no life meter and died with any enemy contact. That probably wouldn’t be that bad if the Noid was equipped with a decent weapon, but alas the Noid only has a Yo-Yo to protect himself. The game was developed by Capcom and shares nearly all it’s gameplay concepts (but none of its grahics) with a Japanese game called Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru (Masked Ninja Hanamaru). For some reason, I had this game and attempted playing it for about a day before it started collecting dust on the floor of my room. I gave it a second go around with a Game Genie, and cheated my way through the levels. The game never really left me with any semblance of fun and definitely serves as an example of a failed commercialization/localization/cartoon-tie-in video game project. Luckily this is one of the only such wacky game projects I have ever heard of.

Yo Noid is on the left, crazy Japanese ninja game is on the right

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