Rez HD Live Arcade mini Review

14 February 2008 | Xbox Live Arcade Review


Rez HD is a freaking steal at 800 MS points ($10). It is among the best downloadable shooters I have played. The evolution system of your character/virus fighter is great and the way the music and sounds add to the experience makes the game work. The crazy vector graphics look great in HD too. This game was a sort of cult classic for PS2, but it has truly found it’s home as a downloadable game. The gameplay is very very reminiscent of Panzer Dragoon (lock on and release) and has some phenomenal boss battles. In fact, Rez is really just a simpler Panzer Dragoon wrapped in psychodelic graphics and given a superb soundtrack/music interaction. Rez is definitely an enjoyable and unique gaming experience that should be experienced by all. Well worth the $10 investment. Rez is a retro game (not too old though) that actually still feels fresh today instead of nostalgic and dated.

Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound/Music: 10/10
Lasting Appeal: 8/10
Average: 90.00%
Tilt: +2.00%
It oozes style so you have to give it a bump…plus it’s a great value.
Verdict: 92%

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