Rock Band Review

29 November 2007 | ps3 review,Xbox 360 Review

Simply put, Rock Band IS the Best Music Game Ever. Here’s why: It’s Fun!

Gameplay: 10/10
Pros: 3 Unique Experiences in the Drums, Guitar/Bass, and Singing
Band World Tour mode IS phenomenal and a true step in music game “campaign mode”
The Guitar Hero gameplay that Harmonix pioneered works great and is slightly tweaked for the better and across the other instruments.
Very approachable gameplay allows ANYONE to find an instrument and enjoy
Cons: Difficulty of the Drums is extremely steep compared to the other instruments
Band World Tour should allow you to complete the game (play all the challenges) on every difficulty rather than require you to play on Hard or above to unlock certain things…This results in you kicking some of your friends out of the band to beat certain challenges and thus taking away from the whole play with 3 of your friends aspect.

Graphics: 10/10
Pros: Fantastic Animation, Great lip-syncing, tons of venues, great effect filters and different choreography for each song make this the best looking Music game I’ve ever seen. The create a rocker mode is deep enough to offer tons of variety, but casual enough to create a character in a few minutes. The User Interface is also way better during gameplay, less intrusive and slicker looking. There are no complaints here in the graphics department.

Sound/Music: 9/10
Pros: Nearly all the songs are performed by the artist…and boy is that better than having covers. Tons of tracks span many decades and there’s a much better mix of songs. There aren’t the slew of “hard metal tracks that suck but are really hard to play” like there were in the final venues of Guitar Hero II. 45 Tracks with 13 Bonus Tracks shipped with the game and there are already a ton of downloadable tracks online that integrate perfectly into every mode.
Cons: The 58 tracks don’t compare to the 80ish that are in Guitar Hero III. However, each track does give you more since you can play it for 4 instruments. Some may complain about the downloadable content (why didn’t they include it if it was ready on day 1?) but ultimately it’s Great to be able to shell out $1.99 for specific songs you really like and the best part is that they seamless integrate into every facet of the game.

Lasting Appeal: 10/10
Pros: The Band World Tour mode can last forever! I’ve put in over 20 hours probably and still have little “NEW” indicators by a bunch of cities. Then there’s still all the more traditional solo careers…only about halfway through medium guitar, 6 songs into Easy Drums, and 20 songs of easy Microphone…The gameplay is great and there’s always something new to strive for in Rock Band. All the above work has only netted me 90 achievement points…yikes!
Cons: Band World Tour is currently only Local Play…supposedly there will be a patch which will really cause this game to explode.

Average: 97.5%
Tilt: +0.5%

The fact that I played till 1:30am the first day I got it and then took the following day off to play it some more is a real indication of how great this game is…then over the weekend I had several different sets of friends (some who don’ t even like Video Games) come over and enjoy the game is a testament to how good Rock Band is. The “Band” Co-op gameplay is well worth the $170 price tag and blows the competition out of the water (sorry GH3).

Verdict: 98%

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