Sega Master System

14 May 2008 | retro gaming | Tags:
First Released: June 1986 (USA)
Gaming Era: 8-bit
CPU: 8-bit Zilog Z80A
Cost: $139.99 (w /Hang-on & Safari Hunt)
Sales: 13 Million Units
Controller: Gamepad
Death: 1989 (rights sold to Tonka in 88)
Life: 3 years
Best Games: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Space Harrier, Strider, Shinobi, Penguin Land

The Sega Master System was pretty much a non-entity in the United States and Japan where Nintendo controlled 95% of the market. However, worldwide it was a moderate success which set the stage for the successful Genesis. In Europe, Sega smartly marketed the system in territories that Nintendos weren’t available, and was a rival and competitor to the Nintendo (though it never surpassed it). In Brazil, they still make Sega Master Systems! It was an absolute smash hit and marketed and adapted to the territory expertly by Tec Toy. All in all, the Sega Master System was a mild success worldwide, but allowed Sega to learn and enter the video game market. Sega was able to learn enough to see widespread success with the Sega Mega-Drive / Genesis. Sega’s Master System set the stage for the first official console war: SNES vs. Genesis in the 16-bit era of video games.

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