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19 September 2007 | Uncategorized

Gnade Games features several different types of Reviews:

  • Free Reviews for Independent Games and Fellow Developers*
  • Guaranteed! Timely Paid Reviews through Review Me
  • Current Console/Handheld Game Reviews
  • Retrospective Reviews on overlooked, under appreciated, classic, and retro games

If you are looking for a timely and guaranteed review for your title, please use Review Me to reserve your review and set a deadline for us here:

If your are an Independent developer who would like a glowing, positive, Free Review, please comment to this post or contact me. I will certainly check out your game and/or demo and if it grabs my interest, I would certainly love to give your game or demo a critical review of what makes it so innovative and enjoyable. Unfortunately, I can no longer guarantee free reviews to everyone due to time constraints. I will also no longer be posting reviews trashing poorly made games, because even they required a lot of time and effort to make. I understand the time and effort it takes to program, compile and test games and do not have the heart to trash someone’s efforts. In this way, our indie game reviews will feature only the best Independent, innovative, quirky, and excellent games out there.

The Console and Retro game Reviews are much more based on my discretion and what I have played growing up and what I am buying/renting/playing currently. If there’s a great game out there or an old game I have overlooked, please let me know and I will consider writing an article about it.

The Easiest way to Submit your game for a review is to comment to this post with a link to your company website and the name of your game.

Comments will be moderated/updated and your game will be officially added to the queue once a full review copy has been received.

If you need any further information please refer to our press and publicity page

Submit your game by email or comment below

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