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Play the Magic Toy Chest Now – Public Beta 2 is Now Available!

Graduate Games is happy to announce that you can download our second (and probably final) beta starting today (7/7/08-7/14/08). The game has changed quite a bit since the last beta and hopefully everyone who has played the game before will notice the improvements. You can download the Beta here. What has changed since last time? […]

Indie Showcase: World of Goo Preview

World of Goo Gameplay Trailerby 2dboy I recently preordered World of Goo and was lucky enough to sample the first chapter (which I have almost completed….blasted tower of goo level!). Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the art style. It’s hard to explain exactly what it is, but it definitely has […]

Indie Showcase: Everyday Shooter

Everyday Shooter is THE BEST downloadable game I have played on a console. It takes the popular geometry wars formula and adds a chain system and puts it all to music. Playing the game really is like playing through a music album. Each level has a unique music track, mood, feel, and a new chain […]

Indie Showcase: Outpost Kaloki

In honor of Ninjabee and it’s recent release of Band of Bugs on PC, we are showcasing one of Ninjabee’s best titles: Outpost Kaloki. Outpost Kaloki is a simplified Real Time strategy game that challenges you to build a space station. It’s a fantasic game that is also available for Xbox 360. We gave it […]

Indie Showcase: Steam Brigade

Steam Brigade is a fantastic and unique 2D action/Real Time Strategy Game. It has amazing graphics and oozes the style and individuality of the best Independent Games out there. Check out the free demo below or just BUY IT NOW, it’s only $9.95.

Showcase: Video Game Thanksgiving

Mass Effect, Rock Band, and Undertow all release next week in time for Turkey Day. They join other AAA titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune making for a plethora of great gaming choices over the holidays.

Showcase: Undertow is given a Release Date

Undertow is one of the more high profile Xbox Live Arcade Titles out there. I am defintely anticipating it and have been yearning for a release date. Well, a new trailer has surfaced announcing a release date of Nov 21st, 2007. While it’s great that a Live release actually gets a release date before say […]

Showcase: Rock Band Xbox 360 / PS3

After playing the Guitar Hero III demo this week, let me assure everyone out there that Rock Band will be a FAR superior experience. While Guitar Hero III looks great, plays great, etc. it is ultimately Guitar Hero II with a facelift and some new tracks. If that warrants your $60-100 so be it. Rock […]

Showcase: Street Fighter II HD Remix & Street Fighter IV

Capcom has done it! I’m actually excited for not 1 new street fighter game, but 2. When was the last time I anticipated a Street Fighter game? Probably back when I was 10ish and waiting for SFII Championship Edition on Genesis. Kudos to Capcom for getting me excited for SF IV and SFII HD Remix. […]

Showcase: Storked!

It’s only appropriate that this weeks showcase feature Storked, which was just released earlier in the week. Go ahead and try out the gamepage for all the info on the game and features. Or you could simply download the demo and just play it. There’s more screenshots etc in both columns of the blog. Enjoy […]