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pre-Game Launcher and Updater

A quick 2 day prototype

I was working on our next game project this weekend, when I realized that it would be really nice if all our future games had an automated updater.  This would allow us to release public betas, do cool preorder bonuses, allow players to always have the latest and greatest version, and give us a platform […]

Minima Bomber: Day 7 Progress

The final ability in the game: The Air Run

Well there’s only a few hours left in the final day of coding for the Experimental Gameplay project game.  Minima Bomber is finished.  There’s 16 levels, 6 abilities, 4 enemies/hazards, and 2 backgrounds/worlds (if you will – they are both grass themed and lame though).  The online highscore system is working and will hold and […]

Day 1 of 7-Day Game

Day 1 Progress Gameplay

We’re putting the Isometric Game on hold to participate in Experimental Gameplay’s 7-Day August Competition.  The theme is Bare Minimum and has inspired a very small pixel bomerman type character.  After 1 day, we’ve put together a decent worm-style destructible terrain world.  Your small little character will have several abilities (as many as I can […]