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Halo Wars Impressions / Demo Review

I downloaded the massive 1.7GB Halo Wars Demo Last night. Despite the Tutorial being very annoying (your control is frozen as the computer talks to you…argh! let me do what you’re telling me as you talk!), I found the demo pretty enjoyable. The gameplay works pretty good for being on a console and the graphics […]


The Halo Trilogy – A Deeper Look

Part 2: Who is Master Chief Exactly? Master Chief or John 117 is a genetically & technologically enhanced super soldier or Spartan II. We know that Dr. Catherine Hasley picked him and all the other kids out when they were young, replaced them with flash clones and then bred them to be Warriors. The Covenant […]

Bungie and Microsoft Split

I just have to pass along Bungie’s Press Release: Turns out the Rumors earlier this week ended up being true about Bungie leaving Microsoft. I actually think Microsoft/Bungie agreeing to the split was the smart move by Microsoft. This way you stay in good graces and don’t have a massive Bungie talent exodus. Bungie is […]

Showcase: Halo 3 and Stat Integration is an addictive addition to Halo 3. Not only can you replay your recent games and analyze them in the game’s theater…you can also track all your stats, service record, and recent game kill/death charts on The Integration is pretty seamless and it’s just one of those additions that really goes a long […]

The Top 5 Best New Additions to Halo 3

5. Integration4. Equipment3. The Forge Map Editor2. 4 Player Co-Op Campaign (with Scoring)1. Videos Editor and File Share

Top 5 Best Halo 3 Multiplayer Maps (so far)

5. Valhalla4. Epitaph3. High Ground2. Snowbound1. Guardian

Top 5 Worst Things about Halo 3

5. Shotty pwns Sword now4. Campaign is short3. You Never have Enough Grenades (no flame grenades in matchmaking)2. Not Enough Maps/Map Diversity in Matchmaking1. Shotty Snipes in Team Slayer A LOT

Halo 3 Review

Halo 3 has its flaws, but delivers on so much more than the average game. Let’s answer the major questions up front. Does Halo 3 live up to the hype? Yes. Does Halo 3 wrap up the Story of Master Chief? Yes. Is multiplayer better than Halo 2? Yes. Is Halo 3 a totally revolutionary […]

A Halo Themed Week

For the opening week of the new blog features, we will of course be highlighting Halo 3 since it was widely anticipated and talked about frequently on this blog. Enjoy.