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World Of Goo is Released on Oct 13th

World of Goo is coming out October 13th on PC and the Wii. Lucky for me, I preordered it and will be playing it a whole week early. Look for a review on the game next Monday and support 2dboy – a fantastic indie developer.

Indie Showcase: World of Goo Preview

World of Goo Gameplay Trailerby 2dboy I recently preordered World of Goo and was lucky enough to sample the first chapter (which I have almost completed….blasted tower of goo level!). Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the art style. It’s hard to explain exactly what it is, but it definitely has […]

Indie Showcase: Everyday Shooter

Everyday Shooter is THE BEST downloadable game I have played on a console. It takes the popular geometry wars formula and adds a chain system and puts it all to music. Playing the game really is like playing through a music album. Each level has a unique music track, mood, feel, and a new chain […]

Indie Showcase: Outpost Kaloki

In honor of Ninjabee and it’s recent release of Band of Bugs on PC, we are showcasing one of Ninjabee’s best titles: Outpost Kaloki. Outpost Kaloki is a simplified Real Time strategy game that challenges you to build a space station. It’s a fantasic game that is also available for Xbox 360. We gave it […]

Indie Showcase: Steam Brigade

Steam Brigade is a fantastic and unique 2D action/Real Time Strategy Game. It has amazing graphics and oozes the style and individuality of the best Independent Games out there. Check out the free demo below or just BUY IT NOW, it’s only $9.95.