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Hilarious Video Game Quote: Bad Dudes (NES)

This pretty much speaks for itself.It’s from Bad Dudes on NES.

Video Game Wisdom – Girlfriend vs. VG

A great man once said, “Video Games are better than my girlfriend because when I want to play a game, it NEVER has a headache.”

Gaming Life Lessons: Pac-Man

Video Games have taught me a lot over the years. Pac-Man taught me that round things must be eaten…and that they protect you from ghosts. I have yet to be attacked by a ghost.

Halo 3 Pop Quiz SATs

Question #1Jackal : Beam Rifle :: Elite : Magnum Energy Sword Shotgun Spiker Mauler highlight graphic below to see the answer: Question #2Guardian : Lockout :: Zanzibar : Last Resort Midship : Valhalla Tombstone : Hang Em High Derelict : Desolation Blood Gulch : High Ground highlight graphic below to see the answer: Question #3Master […]

Wednesday: Lite Gaming Fare

Lite Gaming Fare will probably end up being the shortest post of the week. This feature will look at the lighter side of gaming and typically revolve around gaming trivia, video game jokes, gaming quips, quotes, etc. Expect Short and Sweet Posts with a sense of humor and wit.