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pre-Game Launcher and Updater

A quick 2 day prototype

I was working on our next game project this weekend, when I realized that it would be really nice if all our future games had an automated updater.  This would allow us to release public betas, do cool preorder bonuses, allow players to always have the latest and greatest version, and give us a platform […]

Free Game: Minima Bomber


Minima Bomber is a Platformer. Keep your clothes on and keep moving to the right. Minima Bomber was inspired by the Experimental Gameplay Project’s Bare Minimum Theme.

Day 4 Progress on Bare Minimum Platformer Game

Put in some particle effect yesterday

There was some decent progress on the experimental game yesterday.  I have named the game: Minima Bomber.  Not much to it.  Minima is for the ‘Bare Minimum’ experimental gameplay theme and Bomber because you throw bombs and blow the terrain up. Our little hero blows up like a balloon of blood when he falls in […]