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Patch And Price Rise Promotion – Storked is on Sale!

In honor of our recent update to Storked we are going to have a Storked sale. Storked will be heavily discounted starting today (3/1/2008) and the price will continually increase through the end of April. Needless to say, now is the time to buy Storked! Click the magic button below to see how much Storked […]

Storked Version 1.2 is now Available

We’ve listened to the critiques, collected complaints, and have finally finished updating and improving Storked. The new version has finally arrived. The new demo demonstrates a lot of the implemented features, but if you already own the full version, you’ll need to download the update patch at Here is a list of the new […]

Storked is the Recommended Game over at Manifesto Games

Pretty self explanatory, but we are very proud of being featured on Manifesto Games. Simply put: Buy Storked Now. Get ready for a major update to the game as well. We listen to your complaints and suggestions. New features include: Mouse Control – click to move the penguins!Easier Easy/Kid modes – control the eggPuzzle Solutions […]

Storked Now on RETRO 247

Storked is now a featured game on the Retro 247 website. If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to download the free demo.

Thanksgiving Update

Well, hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Here’s some news & things coming during the Holiday season… Rock Band Review – Playing it like Crazy…it is fantastic…but how fantastic?Undertow ReviewMass Effect ReviewHoliday Buying Guides: Top 5 Xbox 360 games, PS3 games, Wii Games, and of course how those fall into the Top 5 purchases overall. […]

Storked reviewed on OUT OF EIGHT

James Allen released his review of Storked today and it’s a pretty positive review. Here are some highlights, the complete review is here: “The levels in the game are designed to take advantage of the penguins’ attributes and there are definitely some interesting solutions to figure out.” “Having all four of these penguins at your […]

Storked Reviewed and Recommended on Casual Games Galore

Got a review for Storked the other day from Casual Games Galore. Bottom line- they recommend it! Only real complaint was about the font and level select interface: Lows: The writing on the interface is a bit hard to read (it’s a fun font though). Also I had a bit of a hard time at […]

Showcase: Storked!

It’s only appropriate that this weeks showcase feature Storked, which was just released earlier in the week. Go ahead and try out the gamepage for all the info on the game and features. Or you could simply download the demo and just play it. There’s more screenshots etc in both columns of the blog. Enjoy […]

Storked Has Been Released!

I haven’t really dedicated a post to the obvious, but if you haven’t noticed Storked has been released! You can download the demo or purchase the game here on the blog (you’ll find it on both the left/right columns). Now back to all the marketing that goes along with such a thing: submitting to portals, […]

Top 5 Best Things about Storked

5. You can play any MP3 on your PC during gameplay with just a few simple mouse clicks.4. Multiple Difficulty levels, infinite lives, rewind, etc. make the game approachable to everyone and it’s completely family friendly. NO VIOLENCE, BAD LANGUAGE, ETC!3. Level Editor allows you to make your own levels adding to the 100+ levels […]