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MODDB: The Magic Toy Chest

moddb screencapture

Indies have been raving about ModDB and what a great resource/website it is for marketing your game and website, so I finally took the time to setup an account.  I have to say that I am very pleased with the look of the Magic Toy Chest’s MODdb game page and will probably add some links […]

The Magic Toy Chest is FREE Thru July 5th

You can click the above Screenshot to get the free pc full version

To Celebrate the United State’s Birthday and to help out during this Recession, we’ve decided to give away the Magic Toy Chest absolutely FREE!  That’s right.  Our family themed physics puzzle game is completely free thru July 5th, so tell your friends.   All you have to do is use this coupon code on the […]

Magic Toy Chest has been updated

The Magic Toy Chest has been updated to version 2.1. No major changes, but a ton of minor tweaks should make the game a lot more enjoyable. First off, we’ve used Inno Setup to make both the demo and full game install much less painless. The biggest change is the removal of key collection…it was […]

Two New Magic Toy Chest Reviews

Our Game has received 2 new reviews. ThumbGods Raves: “Magic Toychest is a good kid-friendly game, without defaulting to the usual match-3 system of many indie all-ages games.” and Unigamesity gave it a 4 out of 5, GREAT! Rating saying: “The Magic Toy Chest a really great title, one you can play 20 minutes per […]

The Magic Toy Chest is now Available for PC!

The Magic Toy Chest is finally available for Windows PC! After spending crazy cash money and time to update all the visuals, stamp out the bugs, and implement new features, the wacky physics sandbox puzzle game is here. Check out the Free Demo! The Full Version Features:– Over 100 Puzzles across 8 Distinct Rooms of […]

First Hour Magic Toy Chest Review

Very interesting review of the *new* Magic Toy Chest over on They only review the first hour and we followed World of Goo… but although the scores aren’t that high (5 is seen as average) there was a ton of praise throughout the review, so take a look.

New Magic Toy Chest Review: 7/10 Olives

The *new* Magic Toy Chest was reviewed over at Tech-Olive here are some highlights from the review: Despite MTC‘’s casual appearance, it actually takes quite a bit of thinking, planning and patience. While MTC may be fairly complicated, the tutorial levels do a fantastic job of explaining to you how things work and what exactly […]

Magic Toy Chest Gameplay Video: Puzzle 20

I spent some time this week recording some new videos of the Magic Toy Chest. Obviously, it’s important to have some trailers/videos of the game as it looks in its current form. Check out the video…it shows a possible solution to Level 20 of the game/demo. I’ve also taken a substantial number of screenshots and […]

Magic Toy Chest Take 2

Well the good news is that the magic toy chest v2.0 is pretty much completed. It took A LOT longer than anticipated and cost a pretty penny to make. My money driven self really wants to release the game directly on my site and cash in and recoup the cost of updating the title and […]