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the Magic Toy Chest Game Site

Our Game Site / Online Manual / Devlog for our next game: “The Magic Toy Chest” has launched! You can visit it over here or by typing in Visit the site for periodic updates leading up to the game’s release. The idea is that the site will eventually encompass media, pictures, etc of all […]

Devlog: Magic Toy Chest Gameplay Video 1

This is a quick video showing off the physics / gameplay engine for the Magic Toy Chest. The basic premise is to get certain toys into the toy chest using the toys in your toolbar. It makes more sense if you just watch it.

Devlog: The Magic Toychest Screenshot 1

Here is the very first official screenshot for our next game: The Magic Toychest. The Magic Toychest is a physics based puzzle game where you must put away a certain toy. Obviously the magic toychest is the big blue chest that can hold a near limitless amount of toys. Look for more information on this […]