The 5 Things I think about Playstation 3 after having it a week

27 December 2007 | 5 things I think,top5

5. The SIXAXIS controller if very light, but instantly comfortable and familiar. Not having a battery pack strapped to it is an appreciated feature and the USB charge interface is the same for my Digital camera which means no purchasing of needless accessories.

4. I feel stupid for admitting this, but I do miss Achievements. Then again, achievements have chained me to games that I didn’t want to play in the past and for what? a higher Gamerscore? Something happened to me over the past year, Microsoft got me with those damn achievement points! I thought they were stupid when I first got my Xbox…then I liked them…and now I’m just not sure…

3. Not including an HDMI cable (~$50) is really annoying…ok, maybe that would be ok if Sony included another type of HD hookup…nope. I can understand not including an HDMI cable but come on! only a basic video hookup! not even S-video? Really annoying.

2. While PSN is not nearly as robust as Live Marketplace, the caliber of downloadable games is fantastic. Not having a size limit certainly opens things up. Calling All Cars and Everyday Shooter are among the best downloadable games I’ve played. While the store interface sucks compared to Xbox Live…It’s Freaking FREE! and you don’t have to buy points…you can just pay for things exactly…Thanks Sony. Did I forget to mention the PS3’s built in wireless? Great!

1. The Graphics on PS3 PWN Xbox and Wii. You really don’t apprecaite the power of a Playstation 3 until you get your HDMI cable and hook it up on an HD set….WOW! First Party Games make Gears look generic. Bravo Cell Processor

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  • 1 Ross Says:

    Good reasons, although having both a 360 and a Wii is keeping me from buying the PS3. I’m aware it has some terrific titles but I don’t have time for three brand new consoles unfortunately…

    Blu-Ray movies also look very nice!

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