The Atari 2600

13 December 2007 | retro gaming | Tags:

First Released: Oct 1977 (USA)
Gaming Era: Early 8-bit

CPU: 1.19 Mhz
Cost: $199.99
Sales: ~40 Million
Controller: Joystick
Death: Jan 1992
Life: 14 years 2 months
Best Games: Pitfall, Adventure, Breakout, & Pong

While there are technically earlier systems…they really were more like computers. Atari is the home console that started it all. Before Nintendo & Japan ruled Gaming, a US company started bringing video games into people’s homes. While released in the late 70s, Atari didn’t explode until 1980 when it brought in profits over $2 billion dollars. It reigned supreme until the video game crash of 1983. The Atari era gave birth to one of the biggest developers today: Activision. Activision’s Pitfall! is considered the best selling game ever for the Atari 2600.

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