The Atari 7800 Video Game Console

26 December 2007 | retro gaming | Tags:
First Released: June 1986 (USA)
Gaming Era: 8-bit
CPU: 1.79Mhz
Cost: $139.99
Sales: 1 Million Units
Controller: Joystick
Death: Jan 1992
Life: 5.5 years
Best Games: Pole Position II, Mario Bros, Asteroids, Donkey Kong

The Atari 7800 was too little too late. By the time it was released, the NES already had a firm grasp on the US market and the Sega Master System had the rest. The Atari 7800 was compatible with all Atari 2600 games (making it a valuable collector’s item) but it was plagued by a 2 year delay and a complete lack of titles due to many developers exclusive contracts with Nintendo. It should be noted that Atari made one of the Biggest Video Game Mistakes of all time by turning down Nintendo’s offer to manufacture the NES in America in favor of the 7800. One can only imagine what the Atari name would mean today if they had the sense to accept Nintendo’s offer.

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