The Blog has been Overhauled!

19 September 2007 | Uncategorized

Gnade Games has been reworked a lot the past couple hours. With the release of Storked quickly approaching (hopefully before Halo 3), changes were needed and the blog needed to be restructured. Here are some of the changes:

  • Less ads/junk all around the posts and content- now there is a more focused effort to feature sponsored links and reduce all other ads
  • New Sidebars/content/blog look
  • Free Indie PC Game Reviews are coming back VERY SOON!
  • ALL original content – no more reiteration/news posts from other sites
  • Themed Articles and Series – Haven’t quite figured out which day will be what, but we will have 5 posts a week falling into particular categories such as: Top 5 Lists, Best Games you’ve never played (Retro Gaming), Console Game Reviews, Indie Game Reviews, Game Demo Impressions/Mini Reviews, etc. (Please feel free to comment or suggest other article ideas)
  • A shift in focus from current/next-gen gaming to gaming as a whole and througout all the eras (8-bit through next gen)
  • Articles broken up into a series of posts

I hope the structure of the blog will help people find certain articles, reviews, areas of gaming that they find interesting and to associate those type of articles on particular days of the week. There will of course still be sporatic posts/updates on my games, their development, and graduate games, but hopefully the changes will be beneficial. More to come…

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