The Magic Toy Chest Updated Backgrounds

16 January 2009 | graduate games | Tags:

The Magic Toy Chest is vastly approaching its re-release… Hopefully all the time and hardwork put in to improve this game will pay off. To see all the new updated room backgrounds head over to: I left up the older backgrounds so people can compare the 2. Hopefully everyone agrees that the new ones are vastly better than the old.

3 Responses to “The Magic Toy Chest Updated Backgrounds”

  • 1 DEITRIX Says:

    Man, those look great!!

    Do you do the design/artwork too..?

    What do you do in this game? Can kids play it or whats the average age group?

    -talk to you soon!

  • 2 Mike Says:

    I had nothing to do with the artwork that was all done by Helen & Zak…well I did do some of the menus/buttons.

    The game is a physics puzzle game- sort of a fusion of incredible machine and crayon physics.

    Kids can absolutely play it, but it's challenging for all ages.

  • 3 DEITRIX Says:

    Sounds good!

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