The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

07 February 2008 | retro gaming | Tags:
First Released: October 18 1985 (USA)
Gaming Era: 8-bit
CPU: Ricoh 8-bit Processor
Cost: $199.99 (SMB bundle)
Sales: 60+ Million Units
Controller: Gamepad
Death: 1995 (Japan continued manufacturing them until Oct 2003)
Life: 10 years
Best Games: Super Mario Bros. (1-3), Metroid, Legend of Zelda, BattleToads, Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden

The Nintendo Entertainment System was a game changer. It was released despite the video game market crash of 1983 and was extremely successful. Atari blew its chance to distribute the system and the NES went on to become the best selling video game console of all time (at the time). The Nintendo is also the birth place of many of Nintendo’s stellar franchises: Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. The NES has also had one of the longest lifespan’s of any system. In fact, Nintendo of Japan still repaired Nintendo’s up through 2003 when parts became too scarce. Atari may have started the home video game market, but Nintendo revived it and made it what it is today. Many gamers today started on the NES and know it as their first system. It is definitely the king of the 8-bit crown and the best system of the era.

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