Top 5 Best Multiplayer or FPS Game Guns & Weapons

15 April 2008 | top5

5. Gears of War COG Machine Gun with Chainsaw Bayonet

Nothing beats sneaking up behind someone to terrify them with the revving of a chainsaw to the throat. This visceral reimagination of melee combat added to Gears’ hype and success

4. Red Faction’s Grenade Launcher / Missile Launcher
Explosives in this game rocked! Nothing beats blowing a hole in someone’s base with a rocket and then toasting them. GeoMod Technology where are you!

3. Goldeneye 007 Remote Mines

Nothing embodies the gadgetry of 007 and the skill of the player than remote mines. Skillfully booby trapping a room and screen watching could lead to round domination…all with a click of a wristwatch.

2. Halo’s Elite Energy Sword
Clearly, Sniper rifles are a big deal in Halo as well, but a lot of games have snipers. Only Halo, has the energy sword and in Halo 2 there wasn’t a more fun weapon to wield.

1. Doom’s BFG

This is the ultimate over powered badass gun. It can clear a room and toast any foe. If I was fighting legions of demons, I wouldn’t leave home without the BFG.

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